Steam Broadcasting Released for All Users

The latest version of Steam, available to everyone, is bringing the new broadcasting feature to all players. Those wanting to try it out can hit the “check for update” button right now.

Valve announced late last year that it was bringing a broadcasting feature to its super popular Steam client, one that will allow users to check in on their friends, watch them play and let them know they’re “uber nabs”.

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Google’s Project Ara Smartphone on Sale in 2015

Today, Google is hosting its ‘Project Ara Developers Conference’ for 2015 and has revealed that the project has reached phase 2 dubbed ‘Spiral 2′.

Spiral 2 will improve on the previous prototypes by allowing the device to connect via 3G. This is a huge leap forward as previous Project Ara prototypes were only capable of connecting via Wi-Fi. Project Ara will continue to push the envelope as it becomes closer to becoming a full-fledged functioning handset. Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) hopes to have add 4G LTE connectivity soon.

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Intel makes a USB Stick Sized PC

Microsoft has been making it easier for entry-level devices to be built using Windows and the latest iteration of this comes from Intel, which has shoved a PC inside of a stick the size of a media streamer.

The device, called the Intel Compute Stick, has similar specs to the entry-level tablets we have been seeing hit the market recently. With an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor, 32 GB of eMMC storage, 2 GB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11 b/g/n, one USB port (for powering the device) and HDMI (1.4a), the stick is nearly a complete PC in a tiny package.

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GHCQ Wants to hire Tech Entrepreneurs

Are you a fresh graduate and thinking of starting your own technology company in the UK? If so the country’s spy agency, GCHQ, might have a great job for you in the near future.

That’s because the government is considering a new program that will see promising tech graduates being employed by the GCHQ, the UK’s version of the NSA. This wouldn’t be for those looking to take on jobs in the spying field for life, but rather for a much more general public.

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Malware Spreading Through Steam

Looks like cyber criminals don’t really rest or sleep when it comes to tricking innocent people into spreading malware. From yesterday’s reports about a fake “The Interview” movie downloader app being in the wild, it appears that Steam is part of the action as well, with its chat service being used to push out innocent-looking messages, with the intent of infecting the receiver’s computer.

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Caution: Fake “The Interview” App Released

“The Interview” is undeniably the hottest movie of the year, which is a comedy about a plan to kill North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un. It has also been the most controversial, backed by disputes with hackers threatening theaters who will play the said movie with physical action, and also by demands to pull the film, delaying its release. The movie did reach theaters, albeit limited, and the internet, via YouTube, Xbox Video and other similar video streaming websites.

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BT in Exclusive Talks to buy EE

UK telecommunications giant BT is in exclusive talks to buy the country’s largest mobile group, EE, which includes not just the 4G EE network, but also the T-Mobile and Orange 3G brands.

EE is a joint venture between Deutsche Telekom and Orange, and controls around a third of the UK mobile market by revenue. However, the two companies that control it have reportedly been seeking a possible exit from the UK market, and confirmation that EE is now in exclusive discussions with BT indicates that they are keen to move forward with those plans.

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Now Discontinued iPod Classic Sells for $1000 On-line

Apple’s iPod has seen a bump in the news lately, mostly due to the lawsuit that was filed against the company earlier this week. Apple killed off its longest-running device, the iPod Classic, back in September of this year. Apple quietly announced this around the same time the company was showing off new the iPhone 6 back in September . The killing of the iPod Classic may have been premature as fans of the popular portable music player are shelling out ridiculous amounts of cash for a dead product.

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Build 9888: New Windows 10 Build Leaked

Microsoft has said that they do not plan on releasing any new builds of Windows 10 for the remainder of the year but that doesn’t mean that they have stopped providing partners new builds of the OS.

The latest build to make its way out of the confines of the Redmond based company is 9888 and there are a few new features in this release. These features include updated animations, the start of the unification of the context menus, and the zPC settings app is now the default settings application.

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