BT in Exclusive Talks to buy EE

UK telecommunications giant BT is in exclusive talks to buy the country’s largest mobile group, EE, which includes not just the 4G EE network, but also the T-Mobile and Orange 3G brands.

EE is a joint venture between Deutsche Telekom and Orange, and controls around a third of the UK mobile market by revenue. However, the two companies that control it have reportedly been seeking a possible exit from the UK market, and confirmation that EE is now in exclusive discussions with BT indicates that they are keen to move forward with those plans.

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Now Discontinued iPod Classic Sells for $1000 On-line

Apple’s iPod has seen a bump in the news lately, mostly due to the lawsuit that was filed against the company earlier this week. Apple killed off its longest-running device, the iPod Classic, back in September of this year. Apple quietly announced this around the same time the company was showing off new the iPhone 6 back in September . The killing of the iPod Classic may have been premature as fans of the popular portable music player are shelling out ridiculous amounts of cash for a dead product.

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Build 9888: New Windows 10 Build Leaked

Microsoft has said that they do not plan on releasing any new builds of Windows 10 for the remainder of the year but that doesn’t mean that they have stopped providing partners new builds of the OS.

The latest build to make its way out of the confines of the Redmond based company is 9888 and there are a few new features in this release. These features include updated animations, the start of the unification of the context menus, and the zPC settings app is now the default settings application.

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Free Destiny Demo Inc Transferable Characters on All Consoles

Destiny has been one of the most heavily marketed games of the year, being a new IP from Bungie, makers of the ever popular Halo series. However the game has had a mixed reaction upon release so many of you might still be on the fence about buying. But fear not, starting today you can try out the game for free and your character will come along if you decide to purchase the full version.

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Nokia Isn’t Dead Yet, New Device Leaked

Nokia said last week that it was exploring options for licensing its brand to other companies, to be used on third-party devices. Under the terms of its agreement with Microsoft – which bought its devices and services business earlier this year – Nokia will be permitted to license its brand for use on smartphones from Q4 2016, but it can already do so for “other devices” right now.

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Man Afraid of His Smart TV After Reading Terms and Conditions

Michael Price of Brennan Center has just bought a new smart TV to replace his older, less smart, one, this new TV is capable of streaming multimedia content, games, apps, social media, and Internet browsing. It also has a built-in camera and a microphone with facial recognition technology to enable logging in to a personal account using your face and to facilitate gesture and voice control. There is only one little problem, the privacy policy.

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